Confuse Kaomoji

( ˘•ω•˘ )
( •́ _ •̀)?
( ˘•ω•˘ ).oOஇ
(੭ ᐕ)੭?
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Kaomoji Introduction
"Kaomoji" is a very popular emoji, which is composed of various symbols, numbers, and even letters to express the speaker's mood and expression. Kaomoji provide emotions, tones, moods, movements, or facial expressions that ordinary texts lack, making it easier for people to communicate with each other, and are deeply loved by young people. At the beginning, there was only one prototype of Kaomoji :), and later, various forms of symbolic expressions were created, using "*", "^", "-" and other symbols for eyes, "_", ".", "o" and other symbols for the mouth. Combine these symbols together making smiley faces such as "^_^", "*_*", "^o^", "^_~", and other symbols are added next to the smiley face as modifiers to express richer expressions, such as "-_-|||" means embarrassing faces similar to those in comics, (ฅ´ω`ฅ) means cute cat claw action, etc. So you can express your mood with these Kaomoji when you are angry, sad, happy. You can find all Kaomoji you need here!